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Beauty Devices for Spring.

Beauty Devices for Spring. 1

February is here, which means spring is knocking to our doors. After the long winter, we cannot wait until the warm days. Not only are we tired from freezing and glooming days, but also our skin. Agree, that during the cold days our skin experiences all sorts of environmental influences, it becomes dry and dull, […]

Soaps and other skin cleansing product

Soaps and other skin cleansing product 2

Do you use a face brush in your daily skin cleanse routine? Cosmetic cleanser or just soap? We know that soap is something that everyone uses on a daily basis, but what really goes into making ordinary bathroom soap? Usually, it is a mixture of organic fats with an alkaline base alongside a variety of […]

Aloe vera with your beauty gadgets

Aloe vera with your beauty gadgets 7

If you have many aloe vera plants, like me, I have 23 of them, don’t let them wasted, use it in salads, juices, hair and face masks, or even with your beauty gadgets. What do we know about aloe vera? Aloe vera is widely known as a tropical plant. Aloe vera belongs to the mind […]

Why Sugar Is Good for Your Skin?

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 Sugar may be bad for your health, but it’s an perfect ingredient in skincare. Here are three beauty benefits this sweet stuff has to offer: Sugar is a natural humectant (propylene glycol), meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. So when you apply products with sugar or sugar derivatives, they’ll actually help […]

Positive impact of oils on our skin

Positive impact of oils on our skin 9

Composition and properties of cosmetic oil A moisturizing cosmetic that we use contain compositions of vegetable and essential oils. Vegetable cosmetic oils are obtained from plants by cold or hot pressing. Most often, such oils as olive, sunflower, corn, peach, soy, grape seed, jojoba, coconut are used in cosmetic formulas. In addition to fatty acids, […]

What is Mist? And everything about it

What is Mist? And everything about it 10

Dear ladies, summer is just around the corner. You can feel the impact of the sun, high humidity, and air conditioner all the time. I already told you the importance of moisturizing your skin daily and mentioned something about Mists. So now, I will brief you about this new creature a little bit more. Mist […]

Three rules on how to prepare your skin for the Springtime.

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Spring is finally here, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining bright. Did you do all the necessary steps on how to prepare your skin for this time? Here are Three Tips on how to take care of your skin in Spring. Rule One: Exfoliate! Exfoliation of the skin is one of the most […]