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Does home microcurrent therapy work?

There is a wide range of facial rejuvenation and body tightening techniques that can be [...]


Radio Frequency for Hair Growth

If you are facing a hair loss problem, Radio Frequency for hair growth treatment is [...]


RF devices for home use

What is RF? The procedure of RF lifting (Radio Frequency Lifting), radio wave, or non-surgical [...]

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Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits

Apparatus cosmetology is an effective way of natural rejuvenation and skin treatment. When choosing procedures [...]

Gua Sha Home Beauty Gadget

What’s Gua Sha? Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese massage technique with the use of [...]

Ultrasonic face scrubbers, what are they?

What are the ultrasonic scrubbers? How they work and which one is to choose? We [...]


Beauty Devices for Spring.

February is here, which means spring is knocking to our doors. After the long winter, [...]

Aqua peel or HydraDerm Facial

Have you ever heard of the HydraDerm Facial? Neither did I, until one day my [...]