What is Mist? And everything about it

What is Mist? And everything about it 1

Dear ladies, summer is just around the corner. You can feel the impact of the sun, high humidity, and air conditioner all the time. I already told you the importance of moisturizing your skin daily and mentioned something about Mists. So now, I will brief you about this new creature a little bit more.

Mist for the face: why do you need it, where to look for it and how to use it?

Most of us know that it is necessary to moisturize your skin twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. But what if our skin needs more than that? This is how girls in Asian countries claim, where the practice of skin care could well become a national sport.

Did you know that Asian girls do not always use moisturizing cream in the mornings and evenings, as we do? Instead, they monitor skin hydration 24/7 with the help of special products – Mists.

The tool name translates as “smoke”, and it represents a real moisturizing cloud, which, covering the face, intensively moisturizes, refreshes the skin, and increases the persistence of makeup on your face.

Why Mists are so popular?

Walk down on the streets of Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo or Singapore – you will surely meet someone who sprays their faces with Mist. Asian women do it all the time: on the streets, on public transport, in cafes and shops. You can find it in their cosmetic wardrobe, makeup kits, their gym, and travel bags. They have plenty of options for the Mists in case of a full-fledged trip, a small trip, exercise, or an outdoor picnic with friends.

Like essences, Mist became a favorite and completely new category of care products by the European market. Light, but complete moisturize, with a pleasant smell, in nice packaging – what else do you need for happiness?

What does Mist do with the skin?

The first thing you will probably think about when you meet face-to-face with a Mist is: how is it different from thermal water? What makes the Mists, products of the new generation? It is its miracle formula, developed according to Korean beauty standards. Instead of just letting the skin feel good, they really do a great job.

“While any Mist moisturizes the skin, there are quite a few of them that soften the skin, relieve inflammation, act like serums, fix makeup, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, and cooling it down,” explains Alicia Yoon, owner of the K-beauty site.

A common Korean belief, supported by scientific research, is that sebum production – the cause of clogged pores, oily sheen, and rashes – rises with increase of skin temperature. So if your face is constantly hot, the risk of pimples and other imperfections will increase. And in this sense, the Mists are very useful, as they allow you to instantly cool the skin down whenever it’s necessary.

 “When your skin is dehydrated, its protective barrier becomes weaker, which means that collagen and elastin will break down faster,” adds Yoon.  This will lead to a density and elasticity reduction of the skin and to the risk of getting deeper wrinkles.

How to use Mist correctly?

The good news is that you do not have to master the new skin care procedure because everything is as simple as possible with Mists. You take the bottle, remove the lid and make 3-4 clicks, directing the pulverizer to your face. Voila! The only rule is to do so every time you feel that your skin needs to be moisturized.

By the way, Mists do an excellent job with the negative impact on the skin of dry air in the room (heaters, air conditioners), so, keep one of them in the winter and summer on your desktop. As for spraying Mist on makeup, here you don’t have to worry at all: the product slightly increases makeup’s resistance, plus, it gives a noticeable effect on the radiant health of the skin.

So, spoil yourself a little and keep your skin always hydrated with our Mists!

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