Soaps and other skin cleansing product

Soaps and other skin cleansing product 1

Do you use a face brush in your daily skin cleanse routine? Cosmetic cleanser or just soap? We know that soap is something that everyone uses on a daily basis, but what really goes into making ordinary bathroom soap? Usually, it is a mixture of organic fats with an alkaline base alongside a variety of synthetic ingredients used to make the product attractive.

What is soap made of?

Soaps and other skin cleansing product 2

Given that no true soap can be made without a natural base these synthetic ingredients such as sodium cocoyl isethionate or trisodium EDTA are largely unnecessary. These same chemicals that provide the product with a pleasant color and aroma, can also have a major negative effect on your beauty and health. They can cause your skin to suffer irritation, peeling, chronic wrinkling, and dehydration.

 In fact, most of what is sold as household soap is in fact a synthetic cleanser. The usage of the word ‘soap’ in the naming of a product is not something that is regulated by organizations such as the FDA. As such most major manufacturers opt to replace natural vegetable oils and animal fats used in regular soap production with harmful but cost-cutting synthetic compounds. 

Natural soaps

Soaps and other skin cleansing product 3

While they may call their products soap they do not have the correct chemical structure, in fact they have more in common with dishwasher detergent or laundry powder. Definitely not something I could recommend putting on your skin, especially on a daily basis.

 Instead, I advocate using natural homemade soap, their production relies on using only organic vegetable oils and animal fats for the base of the product while ingredients such as plant extracts and essential oils provide the attractive aromatization and tinting.

Benefits of soap

Soaps and other skin cleansing product 4

 Not only are these products free from synthetic additives and have a higher quality control, but they also have a large host of health benefits. Often these soaps have therapeutic components added to them such as medicinal plant particles, honey, propolis, or extracts from such plants as ginseng, chamomile, marigold, and many more.

 Using natural handmade soap allows you to not only clean your skin but also give it the required hydration, revitalization, and anti-aging care that it craves. Besides making your skin healthier, it lets you cut back on excessive make-up usage. Your skin is already looking beautiful after all.

Tools to cleanse your skin

Although soup is a great product to cleanse your skin, often it’s not enough to make your pore clean and tight. Therefore, technology here to help us. There are many cleansing innovations on the market, but leading, of course, are Korean gadgets. Let me show you one of them:

Ms 4D Motion, Waterproof Face Brush

Soaps and other skin cleansing product 5

Ms 4D motion, made by Korean brand Cozcore, it rotates 15 degrees left and right. This device has a 0.009 mm super fine face brush and it moves in 4D motion. This super brush deeply cleans the skin without stimulation. It is also tightening the pores, cleanse them, and does light exfoliation. It will make your skin firm and glowing.

We think that it would be a great addition to your soap and skincare routine. 

 I hope I have been able to help you understand just how important it can be to buy the right soap and choose the right gadget for it. What seems like a simple purchase can in fact have a huge compounding effect. While we do not produce our own soap, we sell great devices for your skin. We care about quality of our product, and want everyone to be informed about all skin care concerns.

Love, Your Beauty Gadgets.

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