Beauty Devices for Spring.

Beauty Devices for Spring. 1

February is here, which means spring is knocking to our doors. After the long winter, we cannot wait until the warm days. Not only are we tired from freezing and glooming days, but also our skin. Agree, that during the cold days our skin experiences all sorts of environmental influences, it becomes dry and dull, little wrinkles appearing here and there, and I don’t even want to start with dark circles around our eyes. But don’t you worry, I got the weapon for you, against all of these signs.

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Eyes are the most important part of our look, agree if we have black circles around them or bags under, or if our eyes looking tired, any of it will ruin the entire appearance. I know that we have consilers and powder, but a thick layer of makeup was never turned out well. In a matter of fact, it would make us look even worse, especially if we go out and have a few drinks. But don’t panic just yet, I have a solution for you right here.

RF or Radio Frequency

What is RF? RF-it’s aesthetic technique that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the skin to stimulate cutaneous collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodeling and the production of new collagen with elastin and tightens the skin.

Poya eyes

Poya sober RF wireless system

Poya is cute little RF eye massager, that reduces wrinkles and sagging of the skin. It will also work on black circles around your eyes and will take care of that tired look. RF (Radio Frequency) is generally safe and works on Males and Females. Poya Sober is Ultra-slim/Ultra-Light and ideally suited for self-use home care.

Exfoliation and Hydration

We all know that without regular cleansing and exfoliation, our skin becomes dull, the pores are enlarging and skin starting to lose its elasticity. Our skin is also cannot maintain without proper moisturizing, and we always need to give it enough hydration. Without it, skin becomes dry and starting to age much faster than usual. I’m sure we all have our perfect moisturizing solutions at home but have you ever heard of hydroderm facial? I bet most of us did, and might even try it in the cosmetic clinics. But for those who didn’t, don’t worry I only found out about it recently too, and I would like to share it with you now.

Hydraderm Facial

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So what is that?

It’s a Wet Microdermabrasion treatment, and it is also referred to as a HydraDermabrasion or HydraFacial. This non-invasive procedure utilizes hydra-technology to exfoliate, polish, detoxify, rehydrate and replenish your skin. It delivers immediate results without any discomfort or irritation. This multi-step procedure uses a series of hydro-tips to perform different functions. The Hydra-Derm Tip has an abrasive edge that gently exfoliates and buffs the skin with each pass. The Hydra-Extraction Tip has a unique spiral design that creates a vortex which is effectively dislodging blackheads and flushing impurities for deep cleaning pores. This rejuvenating and exfoliation treatment is soothing, refreshing, cleansing and hydrating our skin without any downsides. 

However, did you know that now you can easily do it at home? No? Then let me show you how!

Abeluna aqua peel

Beauty Devices for Spring. 4

 Abeluna aqua peeling machine is unique, home care device that allows you to have a professional hydra facial peeling at home.

Abeluna able to perform 4 functions at the time:

Removes dead cells by performing a facial cleanse, it moisturizes the skin with a hydrating solution. Abeluna gives your skin elasticity by performing anti-aging and lifting action and it is also extracting black and whiteheads.

Abeluna not only has a beautiful design, but it is also portable, easy to use and it’s our best-selling product.


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The name gua sha — pronounced gwahshah, it comes from the Chinese word for scraping. It may also be called skin scraping, spooning, or coining. Gua sha is a technique used in traditional East Asian medicine and cosmetic facial treatments. In Gua-sha, therapists using a scraping tool to move toxins out of the body. Although old school Gua-sha leaves bruises on the skin, facial Gua-sha is much more gentle, and the new technic and tools help to avoid them. For example, now, facial therapists using jade or quartz massaging tools to perform this kind of persuader. However, time does not stand still and scientists have developed special gadgets for Gua-Sha massages, which are not only don’t leave terrible marks on the skin but also allow you to increase the effect of the procedure. And I can’t wait to show you one of them!

Pobling mini Ion applicator NUT 25.%

Beauty Devices for Spring. 6

What does it do?

It is acupressure scraping Gua-Sha massager that has a red LED light to rejuvenate and renew your skin cells. Scraping massage will slim your face and make a V-shape line, it will also help you to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles. Vibration massage will allow your skin better absorb all the nutrients from your cosmetic products, it will increase your skin’s elasticity and will give it a lifting effect. Pobling mini Ion applicator has four functions in one device that is convenient for your daily home-use skincare routine. Its slimming function will work great not only on your face and neck but you may also use it on your body. With the regular use of this little guy, you will see the improvements already in a couple of weeks.

I hope that it was a piece of useful information for you and you will choose your skincare routine correctly. Stay young and beautiful as you already are,
Love, Your Beauty Gadgets.

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