Three rules on how to prepare your skin for the Springtime.

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Spring is finally here, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining bright.
Did you do all the necessary steps on how to prepare your skin for this time?
Here are Three Tips on how to take care of your skin in Spring.

Three rules on how to prepare your skin for the Springtime. 1

Rule One: Exfoliate!
Exfoliation of the skin is one of the most important procedures that help to prolong the youth and beauty of our skin. After a long and cold winter, our skin becomes much drier, the protective barrier of the skin is broken, it quickly dehydrates, appears irritation, and it becomes dull. Exfoliation is the fastest way to help refresh the skin, it removes all that dead skin cells, makes it smooth and radiant, and visually shrink the pores.
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Rule Two: Moisturize!

After a long cold and snowy winter, your skin needs the sun more than ever, warmth, good care, and hydration.

First of all, it is necessary to provide your skin with intensive moisturizing. Drink at least 1,5 liters of water a day, change your diet, and eat more fruits, vegetables, and greens. Use moisturizing products such as masks, creams, lotions, thermal water, and mists.

What does mist do with the skin?

The first thing you will probably think about when you meet face-to-face with a mist is: how is it different from thermal water? What make the Mists, products of the new generation? Their miracle formulas, developed according to Korean beauty standards. Instead of just letting the skin feel good, they really do a great job!

While any Mist moisturizes the skin, there are Mists, and there are quite a few of them that soften the skin, cooling it down, relieve inflammation, act like serums, penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, and fixes makeup.

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Rule Three: Protect!

During the Spring and Summer sun is much brighter, and your skin is exposed to sunlight much stronger than at other times of the year. Sun damages contain burning, aging which includes pigmentation, dehydration, and wrinkles, to actually increased the risk of developing skin cancer. Don’t forget to use products with SPF protection, especially after exfoliating your skin, cover your face and never expose it to open Sun.

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