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Radio Frequency devices in cosmetology

Radio Frequency devices in cosmetology 1

What is RF? The procedure of RF lifting (Radio Frequency Lifting), radio wave, or non-surgical lifting, has firmly entered the arsenal of cosmetology, in particular anti-aging therapy, over the past 10-15 years and is based on the process of diathermy – deep heating of tissues with high-frequency currents.   The diathermy method is quite old, over […]

Beauty Devices for Spring.

Beauty Devices for Spring. 8

February is here, which means spring is knocking to our doors. After the long winter, we cannot wait until the warm days. Not only are we tired from freezing and glooming days, but also our skin. Agree, that during the cold days our skin experiences all sorts of environmental influences, it becomes dry and dull, […]

The health and beauty of your eyes.

The health and beauty of your eyes. 9

Our eyes are not only a source of vision but also a mirror to our soul. Eyes can determine our mood, age and even the quality of our sleep, and level of tiredness. Today we are going to focus on two major issues that we face most often, its wrinkles and black circles around our […]

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