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If you are facing a hair loss problem, Radio Frequency for hair growth treatment is just right for you. RF has been used in cosmetology for anti-aging skin treatments, and scalp care, since 2001.

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the pride of any woman. Many studies support the fact that a woman’s hair and her self-image are closely related. And for the hair to look well-groomed and shiny, it must foremost be healthy.
In recent years, hair loss has become one of the most pressing issues for women. If you lose more than 100 hairs a day, then this is a reason to worry, since active hair loss may indicate any disturbances in the body. To solve the problem of hair loss, it is necessary to understand the reason for its appearance, methods of treatment, and do not forget about proper care.

Signs of active hair loss in women

Hair growth is a cyclical process, so moderate and gradual hair renewal is normal. There are about 100 – 150 thousand hairs on a woman’s head, a loss of 1% is a healthy process. They can be found on our hairbrushes or clothing. Loss of hair in whole strands during styling or washing indicates a problem.

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It is easy to determine if the hair loss has been exceeded the normal level. First, pay attention to the tip of the hair that has fallen out. If it has a light thickening (bulb), it means that it fell out in the growth stage. If your hair falls out with dry ends, then don’t worry. Secondly, try not to wash your hair for three days, and then pull the hair at the top of your head and your temples. If at each stroke more than five hairs remain in the palm of your hand, then this is a reason to contact a specialist.

Causes of alopecia in women

The causes of alopecia in women are manifold. They can be associated not only with external factors but also with a hormonal state, a lack of vitamins, and other circumstances. In most cases, the problem goes away after eliminating the cause of its occurrence.

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  • Lack of nutrients in a woman’s body. Strict diets and an unbalanced diet cause a deficiency of trace elements and vitamins in the body. It has been proven that in 90% of women this problem is associated with iron deficiency, a lack of zinc, and the amino acid lysine. (Good sources of lysine include foods that are rich in protein, such as meat, specifically red meat, pork, and poultry. Cheese, particularly parmesan, certain fish, such as cod and sardines, eggs, soybeans, particularly tofu, isolated soy protein, and defatted soybean flour, spirulina, and fenugreek seed).
  • Hormonal changes. Active hair loss can occur in women after childbirth and last for several months, in girls during puberty, after giving up hormonal contraceptives, and in women in the premenopausal period
  • A sharp change in temperature. One of the common reasons is exposure to extreme temperatures: staying in the cold without a hat, frequent use of a hairdryer and hair styling equipment.
  • Stress. Extreme situations and emotional stress can cause severe hair loss, namely, hair growth stops, and after a while hair loss is observed.
  • Tight hairstyles and braids cause poor circulation in the scalp, weaken the hair follicles and thus cause hair loss.
  • Long-term use of medication can cause profuse hair loss. Medicines that cause this effect include blood thinners, hormones, antidepressants, laxatives, diuretics, weight loss drugs, and other drugs.
  • Heredity. Sometimes the problem of hair loss can be caused by a genetic factor. Usually, this process develops gradually and evenly.
  • Improper hair care. Frequent dyeing, perm, neglect, or inappropriate care products contribute to hair loss. However, experts agree that improper care only increases the problem that already exists.

Treatment of profuse hair loss in women

Before starting a comprehensive treatment of the problem of hair loss, it is necessary to identify its cause. Any trichologist can help with this. He will conduct the necessary research:

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  • Trichogramma is a diagnostic method in which the scalp and hair roots are examined using a video camera.
  • Phototrichogram is another method of examining the scalp, carried out by photographing. The program shows the total number of hairs per square cm and sets the rate of hair growth.
  • Spectral analysis of hair examines the composition of trace elements in the body.
  • A complete blood count can determine the level of hemoglobin.
  • A biochemical blood test allows you to determine the level of iron, magnesium, and calcium in a woman’s body.
  • Analysis of the level of thyroid hormones.

A hair loss can be dealt with by eliminating the influence of external factors and improving nutrition. In cases of alopecia, is necessary to provide proper treatment. One of these treatments is Radio Frequency.

What is RF?

RF system delivers a special radio frequency band deep into the human body, which reverts into bio-energy with deep heat, and it will increase self-healing power resistance. This deep heat will help you with problems such as cellulite, blood circulation, elimination of toxins, and even hair loss.

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Radio Frequency for hair growth

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How does RF work for hair regrowth? The RF (Radio Frequency) can help to accelerate blood circulation on the forehead by 20-30% and top of the head by 40-60%. Based on that, RF can help oxygen and nutrition lead to hair follicles, which helps to prevent hair loss. The RF can stimulate the hair follicle effectively, improve immunity and hair density. This latest radiofrequency hair growth treatment equipment prevents baldness. The recommended treatment time will vary depending on skin type and individual concern(s).

Poya Clution RF High-Frequency Massager

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Poya Clution RF Massager is one of the best home-use Radio Frequency devices. Poya uses RF deep heat and RED LED light to solve the basic problems and make your scalp healthier. You can use a Radio Frequency for Hair Growth function several times per day. Poya Clution will stimulate the scalp deeply to expand the blood vessel and improve blood flows to supply oxygen and nutrition to hair follicles. Poya device will improve your hair density and prevents the accumulation of toxins. RF will directly affect the roots of the weaker hairs preventing them from falling. The device has passed the FDA and CE certification.

So If you facing a hair loss problem, RF treatment just right for you. However, Radio Frequency has been used in cosmetology not only for the scalp care but also in anti-aging skincare procedures such as:

Poya is a multifunctional device, that can be used on your hair, face, neck, and body. It can relieve pain, muscle spasm, and post-traumatic edema. By its RF care system that generates deep energy, Poya increases blood flow, promotes O2 supply to muscle pain, and helps discharge toxins wastes out of the body.

There are many more ways of how we can benefit from the RF treatments you can learn about some of them from our blog posts. Follow us, subscribe to our newsletters and we will keep you posted about the latest innovations in the beauty industry.

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