Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits

Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits 1

Apparatus cosmetology is an effective way of natural rejuvenation and skin treatment. When choosing procedures in your cosmetic clinic, it is worth trying the method of galvanic current exposure.

 What is Galvanic?

Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits 2

Galvanic is an impact on the body of a constant electric current of low power (up to 50 mA) and low voltage (30-80 V). This effect helps to activate intracellular processes, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, proteins and lipids, enzymes, and ATP (adenosine triphosphate it is a molecule made in every cell of your body). Thus, the powerful activation of endocrine functions perfectly affects the entire life of the body. So clean, radiant skin is not the only effect that you should expect from this procedure.

In modern cosmetology, galvanic performs two very important functions – disincrustation and ionization.

Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits 3


Disincrustation is a deep cleansing of the skin with the impact of galvanic current. During this procedure, the nozzle of the device should be in close contact with the skin and move its surface along the massage lines of the face.

Under the influence of a direct current, a negative charge produces sodium, so fat is dissolved through electrolysis and turns into a kind of “soap”, due to which sebaceous plugs (comedones) are removed, and deep and intensive cleansing of the follicles is achieved.
For correct disincrustation procedures, it is important to remember that you must use a good conductor. Sodium chlorine solution (saline) is often used as a conductor. Cosmetologists also use ordinary soda solution, which is made in certain proportions.

Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits 4

If you decide to try galvanic at home, it’s better to ask your dermatologist or cosmetologist first. This method is perfect for owners of oily and combination skin, but for owners of dry skin, this procedure can be harmful. In the case of dry skin, it would be much more effective to use galvanic for ionization – the deep introduction of cosmetic ingredients and intensive nutrients into the skin.


Despite all the benefits, the galvanic current disincrustation procedure has some contraindications: pregnancy and the feeding period, the presence of a pacemaker and individual intolerance to electric current, cancer pathologies, and benign neoplasms (bulky moles, warts, papillomas), chronic dermatitis in the acute stage.


Ionization, which is based on the method of electrophoresis (this technique is often used in medical physiotherapy), has fundamental differences from disincrustation but can be carried out on the same equipment. This method is good for penetration of cosmetics into the deeper layers of the skin. Intensive cell saturation occurs due to the penetration of nutrients and ions through the excretory ducts of the sweat and sebaceous glands into the deeper layers of the dermis, which helps moisturize, regenerate and renew the skin cells.

Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits 5

This method will help eliminate problems with dehydrated, excessively oily, dry, or aging skin. The tissue ions and cell membranes involved in the process provide activation of all metabolic processes of the skin. Due to the pronounced lymphatic drainage effect, this procedure can be used not only for facial skin but can also be used in the treatment of cellulite. Ionization in cosmetology is used to eliminate wrinkles, makes the skin smooth, firm, and moisturized.

The procedure is used to introduce agents such as mesotherapeutic cocktails, sea extracts, concentrated proteins and enzymes, plant extracts, fruit acids, cell activators. The effectiveness of this procedure can be compared with classic mesotherapy injections.

Let me show you some of our galvanic devices, so you have an idea of what home-use galvanic is.


Aesthet is a multifunctional home-use beauty device, it has not only galvanic ION but also a LED light in it. However, galvanic is the main function of this gadget. As it’s described above, Aesthet has both, galvanic disincrustation which is positive ION for cleansing, and negative ION for the absorption of nutrients. It also has three kinds of LED light color options for skincare therapy. 

Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits 6
  • Blue light for acne-causing bacteria elimination and acne reduction.
  • Green removes stain blemishes, promotes healing, and also for whitening.
  • And Red light has an anti-aging function. It combats wrinkles and increases collagen production for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Besides, Aesthet has micro-vibration function recovery bloodstream and skin elasticity. 

Ms Circle Heating Anti-Aging massager

Ms Circle 42ºC anti-aging, heating skincare massager is also a galvanic home-use device. However, unlike Aesthet it has only negative ION, which is good for penetration of cosmetics into the deeper layers of the skin.

Just like the previous gadget, MS Circle is a multifunction device, it also has a 42°C heat function that helps to vitalize collagen into the skin.

 Besides, the micro-vibration massage in this device and 560-680nm red light wave help to lift the skin and makes it smooth and elastic.

Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits 7
  • Heating: This mode is optimized for skin tighten and lifting.
  • Whitening: Use this mode when applying your cosmetics with whitening ingredients.
  • Anti-aging mode: Use the mode when applying wrinkle care cosmetics.
  • Lifting: Use the mode when applying the cosmetics with lifting effect, and elasticity revitalizing ingredients.

POBLING mini ion applicator

Galvanic in cosmetology and its benefits 8

Pobling mini ion applicator is a pocket-size galvanic device that you can bring with you everywhere. Although this little guy is small, it is still powerful and has all the necessary anti-aging functions. Of course, the main function is galvanic, and this mini applicator has only negative ION for nutrients penetration of your cosmetics, which makes it safe to use for people with dry skin. As an addition, this device equipped with vibration, 10,000 vibrations per minute, it makes the delivery of the cosmetic ingredients more effective.

Thus, we can conclude that the galvanization method, subject to all the rules and contraindications, is safe, painless, and no less effective than classical filler injections and cleansing. With the correct use of the device and right cosmetics, you will immediately feel a positive effect not only on the skin of the face but also on the entire body.

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