Ultrasonic face scrubbers, what are they?

Ultrasonic face scrubbers, what are they? 1

What are the ultrasonic scrubbers? How they work and which one is to choose? We sure have many questions about that little guys, so let’s find out more about them together, with Your Beauty Gadgets. 

What are ultrasonic face scrubbers?

It is gadgets for ultrasonic facial cleansing with the function of peeling, and sometimes iontophoresis (ION). These devices generate high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations that help cleanse the skin of the accumulated secretion of eccrine and sebaceous glands, dust, cosmetic residues, and other contaminants.

Ultrasonic face scrubbers, what are they? 2

How does it work?

Ultrasound vibrations cause cavitation on the surface of the skin, resulting in microjets that cleanse the pores of dirt, sebum, and keratinized particles. And as a result of exposure to ultrasound, the skin becomes soft and cleaned of dead cells.

The principle of the device is the ability of ultrasonic waves to increase the temperature of the skin at the point of exposure. As a result, several metabolic processes are accelerating, such as:

  • Regeneration of epidermis;
  • Blood microcirculation;
  • Improvement of lymph outflow;
  • Collagen and elastin synthesis.

 After ultrasonic cleaning, the appearance and general condition of the skin improve markedly.

 Cosmetologists have been using devices for ultrasonic facial cleansing for more than 10 years. This is the most gentle, safest, and at the same time, the most effective skin peeling procedure.

Every device has different features and modes, let’s take a look at most simple one first:

Labelle 5 

 Labelle 5 is an ultrasonic scrubber from the Labelle series. This face spatula is a professional exfoliator that removes dead cells and massages the skin. It works by activating 33,000 vibrations per second ultrasonic sound waves and loosening up the dead skin cell build-up and debris. This ultrasonic device is a great blackhead fighter and wonderful helper for oily and acne-prone skin.

This Product has CE Certification.

Ultrasonic face scrubbers, what are they? 3

Derma F+

 Derma F+ is a safe and effective micro-exfoliator, and transdermal delivery system, which can be used conveniently on your clients and yourself. 

 This device has 2 modes, one is to exfoliate the skin, clear pores, and remove dead skin cells, and the other one is Galvanic ION that can be used to penetrate nutrients deep into the skin.

This Product has CE Certification.

Ultrasonic face scrubbers, what are they? 4

Labelle 6

 Labelle Sonic Peel 6 is an upgraded version of Labelle 5, although both devices have the same frequency of 33000hz, Labelle 6 has more functions than his older brother. It has iontophoresis current and red LED light for an anti-aging function to lift your skin, make it more elastic, and generate new skin cells. This ultrasonic & ION face scrubber has three features in one product: exfoliation, moisturizing and anti-aging.

Exfoliation function will remove dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads, reduce sebum, cleanse, and tighten your pores. On top of it, this gadget will make your skin glow and improve the texture. 

 In Anti-aging mode, Iontophoresis current (ION), with about 4,800 ion-implant currents per second will improve the dermal density and its outer elasticity, it will firm and lift your skin. And the LED therapy will remove the red and dark spots and do acne prevention.

The Moisturizing mode helps with skin hydration and moisturizing the dermis.

This product has CE Certification.

Ultrasonic face scrubbers, what are they? 5

Sollume Esthe Ultrasonic Face Scrubber

Sollume Esthe is a new ultrasonic skin scrubber with 24k gold hypoallergenic blade. It’s a two in one skincare solution, this device cleans your skin with one side, and lift and firm it, with other.

This scrubber works by the same principle as beauty salon treatments, it will cleanse your skin with just water without the need for peeling product.

Exfoliation is performed by ultrasound using the water remaining on the skin. With moisture automation technology through high frequency, vibration provides your skin vitality, removes sebum, dead skin cells, and clean pores with 300,000 vibrations per second.

EMS microcurrent and ultrasound stimulate the dermis, regenerate, and renew collagen cells, it brightens the skin and increases its elasticity. The fine amine of EMS activate the skin cells, restart skin resilience, it will lift your skin, and make it firm and silky soft.

Sollume Esthe has an IPX5 waterproof rating that covers the blade, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the rust. It has a unique design and great functions, and it’s one of the best scrubbers on the market so far. 

This product has a white color option with a silver blade and CE Certification.

Ultrasonic face scrubbers, what are they? 6

DermaW 24K Gold Ultrasonic Water Scrubber 

DermaW 24K Gold Ultrasound Water Peeling Face Scrubber just like Sollume Esthe has a hypoallergenic 24K golden blade and pretty much the same functions as gadget above. But with DermaW Gold you can measure your skin’s moisture index with your smartphone, and it’s also diagnosing the skin condition. All you need is download the application “Derma Manager” from your App Store, or Google Play Store, and connect your device to your phone.

Just as previous devices, with DermaW Gold you can cleanse your skin and perform an anti-aging persuader. 


Light peeling and cleaning function with the power of water exploded by ultrasound vibration 30~33KHz per second. DermaW Gold cleansing form impurities the deepest parts of the skin.

ION and Galvanic mode

 Iontophoresis (ION) regimens penetrate nutrients deep into the skin. It’s recommended to use cosmetics with retinol and soluble nutrients, such as vitamin C and fat-soluble nutrient vitamin A. It will tighten the pores, make your skin more elastic, lift and firm it.

This product has CE Certification.

Well, now you have a better knowledge of Korean face scrubbers and spatulas. It’s do not recommended to use cheap and uncertified products, the damage to your health and skin can be irreversible. 

Ultrasonic face scrubbers, what are they? 7

So, shop smart with Your Beauty Gadgets.


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