The health and beauty of your eyes.

The health and beauty of your eyes. 1
Our eyes are not only a source of vision but also a mirror to our soul. Eyes can determine our mood, age and even the quality of our sleep, and level of tiredness. Today we are going to focus on two major issues that we face most often, its wrinkles and black circles around our eyes. We will look at the causes of these problems and how to deal with them. Let’s start with wrinkles..


The health and beauty of your eyes. 2

Wrinkles around the eyes are visible defects of the skin of the periorbital region in the form of grooves of varying depth and severity. Wrinkles around the eyes appear before other wrinkles on the face due to excessive mimic activity, age-related changes of the skin, the influence of adverse internal and external factors. Typically, these wrinkles are shallow, but multiple, resembling a cobweb or crepe paper. It is unlikely that such wrinkles can please or decorate a woman. Modern aesthetic medicine offers various methods of combating wrinkles around the eyes – special beauty treatments, botulinum toxin injections, mesotherapy, contour plastics, and blepharoplasty. However, many women try not to resort to such radical methods of removing wrinkles, and not everyone has enough money for expensive procedures, therefore, we offer you a budget and painless method of eliminating this problem with the help of home beauty gadgets. Here are the examples of some of them…

The health and beauty of your eyes. 3

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The most common cause of dark circles under the eyes is overwork and chronic sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep gives the skin a pallor and dull color, causing the vessels to become more visible and gives purple shadows under the eyes. Improper care (or lack of care) for the area around the eyes, illiterately chosen cosmetics, the habit of rubbing the eyes with your hands also contribute to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

The health and beauty of your eyes. 4

When dark circles under the eyes occur, you should not try to cover them under a thick layer of decorative cosmetics. This will not solve the problem, but will only further aggravate the cosmetic defect. The first step towards the elimination of dark circles under the eyes should be clarifying the causes of their occurrence. If a change in lifestyle has not led to an improvement in the condition of the skin around your eyes, you should contact a therapist (gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, allergist – if you associate the occurrence of dark circles under the eyes with certain disabilities).

Ways to eliminate dark circles under the eyes
The thin and delicate skin around the eyes is one of the first that begins to show signs of aging. Mimic wrinkles (“crow’s feet”), fatty hernia of the eyelids, deformation of the lacrimal sulcus, dark circles under the eyes give the face a tired, exhausted and aged look. To get rid of annoying dark circles under the eyes, it is necessary to perform the correct daily care of the eye area. First of all, the day regimen should be normalised, ensuring adequate night sleep for at least 8 hours. Then it should be properly selected cosmetics combined with home-use beauty devices for skin around the eyes. It is equally important to give up bad habits, make adjustments to the usual diet, enriching it with fresh vegetables and fruits; avoid stress and fatigue, reduce visual load, etc.

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