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The skin of the hands is a mirror of our age changes, therefore it is important to pay attention in time to increased dryness in order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The skin on the hands is very vulnerable because the fatty tissue on the back of the hands is much thinner than on other parts of the body. For this reason, to avoid dryness and dehydration in this area is quite difficult.

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Prevention of dry skin.

The best prevention of dryness is hydration and protection. For skin of hands, this universal tip is especially relevant.
Hands are constantly exposed to negative environmental factors: dry air, low temperatures, ultraviolet.
Frequent contact with water weakens the lipid film.
The risk of microtraumas is high, as the hands are constantly working. Hand skin requires constant attention and care. At least – moisturizing with the cream several times a day, better – every time after washing.

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Selection of products for hand skin care.

Hand creams are divided into three types:

  1. Moisturizers: They fight dryness and promote skin regeneration.
  2. Protective: They create on the surface of the skin barrier, which protects it from negative factors.
  3. Anti-aging: They have a rich composition, aimed at the transformation of the skin of the hands due to intensive nutrition and antioxidant protection.

Intensive hydration of the skin of the hands.

The skin of the hands is often in contact with an aggressive environment, which is always affect its condition, so from time to time your hands need a real spa care. Visits to expensive salons are not necessary: everything that you needed for the procedure is exactly at your home.

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Dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in warm water, which will provide the skin with micronutrients, regeneration of the protective barrier and restoration of the pH level.
If you use mineral water instead of tap water, then salt will not be needed.

Peeling for the skin of the hands will help you to remove dead skin cells from the it surface, and will make your hands smoother and nicer.
As part of home spa care for exfoliation, you can use:
Body Scrub, soft brush with natural bristles, and finely ground sea salt.


A hand cream is suitable as a mask.

  1. Apply a thick layer of it on your hands.
  2. Wear cotton gloves.
  3. Leave for 30 minutes.

In the cream you can add a few drops of vegetable or cosmetic oil for additional nutrition.

Don’t forget that home care is very effective and almost as good as salon care, therefore top up your cosmetic care with our Beauty Gadgets!

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