Moisturize your skin right!

Moisturize your skin right! 1

In which moisturizing ingredients you should pay more attention during the spring and summer times to keep your skin soft and glowing.
In moisturizing face cream, herbal ingredients are mainly responsible for the moisturizing.

Moisturize your skin right! 2
Amino Acids

Amino Acids are included in the natural moisturizing factor (NMF). It is contained in the surface cells of the skin, it is responsible for the absorption and retention of moisture, and it consists in 40% of amino acids.

Moisturize your skin right! 3

In cosmetics, usually used synthetic urea, which is permitted by standards. The compound retains moisture and copes well with dry skin.
Important: in large quantities, urea can cause irritation. That is why moisturizing face creams contain only a small quantity of it. But the foot cream can contain up to 10% of the compound.

Moisturize your skin right! 4
Hyaluronic acid and Sodium Hyaluronate

Synthetic component – in natural creams used only hyaluronic acid that was obtained by biotechnological methods and not the one that is extracted from animal tissues.
The compound holds moisture well and has other beneficial properties. Choose a cream with a low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid, which your skin will absorb better. Usually, the form of the ingredients is indicated on the label, but sometimes only the size of the molecules is written there – 0.25-0.45 MDa.

Moisturize your skin right! 5
Glycerin, Glycerol, Glycyl Alcohol

The glycerin that was used In natural cosmetics was extracted from vegetable oils. It has moisturizing and antiseptic effects. Some people consider this ingredient to be harmful, however, our skin normally produces it itself. Glycerin is contained in both, inside the dermis, where it participates in water metabolism, and outside, forming a film that holds water.
Glycerin creams are suitable for moisturizing our skin. However, one thing needs to be considerate – this substance absorbs moisture well and usually takes it from the air. But when air is dry, it draws moisture out of your skin. In order to avoid a negative effect, do not use a cream with glycerin in the winter, when the air in the apartment is over-dried by heating. It is also better to apply glycerin cream on a slightly wet face.
When choosing a moisturizer, make sure that glycerin is on the last positions of the ingredients, not on the first. A small amount of the glycerin compound cannot damage the skin even in the dry air environment.

Moisturize your skin right! 6
Polysaccharides (glycans)

Complex carbohydrates formed by residues of ordinary sugars – glucose or fructose. Yeast β-glycans, algae carrageenans, fruit pectins, and other polysaccharides will help to moisturize your skin.

Moisturize your skin right! 7
Natural Oils

For example, olive, almond, apricot. They soften your skin, interfere with the evaporation of moisture, contain moisturizing and regenerating compounds. For example, Squalene, which may be part of a moisturizer for the face as a separate ingredient.
It should be borne in mind that natural oils are not suitable for everyone – for owners of oily or problem skin, such components can increase oily sheen or cause irritation.
During the hot seasons, oily or combi skin winners should pay more attention to components that mat the skin.
During the day, moisturize the skin with thermal or floral water.
Thermal water is better to choose with a higher salt content: it is well suited for oily skin, reduces sebum production and mattes it.
Flower waters are plant’s hydrolysates (aqueous extracts). For oily skin are good tools based on the witch hazel, lavender, cornflower: they moisturize and have a slight matting effect. The important thing is that the ingredients of the spray should be exactly flower water and not an emulsion of water and oil.
Be beautiful, drink more water!

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