What is microcurrent therapy?

What is microcurrent therapy? 1

Today, let’s talk a little bit about microcurrent therapy.

What is it?

Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and can provide both instant and cumulative anti-aging results. These currents are very low, from 10 to 600 μA, with a frequency of 0.1 to 300 Hz, they influence on the skin of the face, lymphatic and blood vessels.

How does it work?

They imitate our natural electrical currents, thereby helping to return the normal polarity of the cell membranes and restore its operation. The polarity changes as a result of injury, inflammation, and aging.

What does it do?

In the year 82 of the last century, studies were conducted on the eternal martyrs of science – rats.
They showed that microcurrents increase ATP synthesis by 500%, and amino acid transport by 30-40%, therefore, metabolic processes in cells improves. With age, our cells begin to be lazy and stimulation like that is very useful for them.

Who can not do microcurrent procedures?

As with any procedure, microcurrent therapy has contraindications. As expected, it cannot be used by people with a pacemaker or epilepsy. It is not recommended during pregnancy, thrombosis and malignant neoplasms. Do not do such procedures for people with intolerance to electric current and with gold threads lift. If you use Botox, then the effect of it will fade away faster with this procedure.

What are the results?

Microcurrent therapy helps to tighten facial contours, improve skin turgor and tone, reduce visible wrinkles and prevent, as far as possible, the appearance of new ones. It removes puffiness, regulates the sebaceous glands, improves blood microcirculation and metabolic processes in the skin. It also helps your cosmetic ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.

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